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Hmm. Lets try this again. [

Jan 9 - 7:33 pm]
[ mood | uncomfortable ]

So, this is now my third LiveJournal.
Yeah, I feel like starting over is a good idea.
Lately things have been going amazing.
I've been wanting to make one of these again, but never got to it.
Finally I have.

I hate the feeling I have right now.
I think about unnecessary things too much it makes me sick.
I hate not saying the things I have on my mind.
What's wrong with me?
Why do I always find a way to fuck everything up?

I just have to think of all the good things I have going for me.
I have an amazing boyfriend.
I can't forget that for one second.
I can't ever forget that I have someone like Rhett in my life.

Alright, enough of me bitching.



Jun 23 - 7:58 pm]
[ mood | x4687465432 ]

Damn, I haven't updated this bitch in a long time. Things have been going pretty swell actually. This summer has been pretty good. I've been with Maureen and Vinny most of it. I got this awesome ring, it's a best friends ring. We bought six. One for Kelly, Kelsey, Jennifer, Maureen, Vinny and I. They are so cool. My "best" is starting to rub off of the ring. Oh well. So right now I'm sitting here, bored out of my mind. I'm trying to think of something to do. Even though I don't think my mom will let me go out. I guess i'll post some pictures. picturesCollapse )


the ribbon on my wrist says do not open before christmas [

May 30 - 12:39 am]
so this weekend was pretty eventful. i'm tired and really don't feel like typing right now. so i'll give some details tomorrow morning :)

i want to hate you so bad, but i can't. [

May 28 - 11:15 am]
[ mood | hopeful ]

well. yesterday was a pretty good night i guess. school was alright, nothing really happend. after school vinny and pia came home with me.. then around 5 something jimbo and whitey picked us up. we were stuck in traffic forever. then we went to jimbo's choir concert. that was fun. we ran into bret. VINNY WE'RE KIDDING ABOUT HER BEING A LESBIAN. (kind of). haha. we sat in the car ofr most of the concert. that was pretty fun. jimbo played straylight run on the piano, it was amazing. after that whitey, pia, vinny and i went to go pick alex up. alex had a bright idea of playing the "learning game" it was pretty fun.whitey talked about alex for about ten minutes. haha, it was cute though. we went to justin's, but no one was there yet so we decided to go to DQ. yummmmm. when we returned they were all back. so we just kind of hungout there for a bit. vinny and i had to be home a 11:15 and 11:30. we again played the learning game, but this time duane was in the car. as soon as i got home, my parents found something to bitch at me about. they make me so madd. but i'm just going to ignore them. who cares what they have to say- i don't.


..ever since you left me [

May 26 - 8:34 pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

ahh, so today was pretty boring. i decided i wanted to dye my hair.. that would be funn. i'm in a somewhat good mood today. right now i'm getting pretty peeved though. pat is such a rude bastard. i asked him who he liked and he was like "some bitch". and i think that is the most idiotic thing i've ever heard. and now he's saying i'm getting "emo" on him.. AGH. i hate that word. i'm so sick of people thinking they actually know me. people know... how i act i guess. they don't actually know me. i bet i could ask one of my "really good friends" what my middle name is, and they wouldn't know. i'm going to try this, just not right now. i hope this weekend goes good. i doubt it will though. i don't know, just one of them feelings i get. well, i'm bored with this. i'm going to go be a myspace whore &hearts;


I'm sorry Africa. [

May 25 - 9:52 pm]
[ mood | rejuvenated ]

hello all. today was pretty swell. last night also. everything is slowly starting to get a lot better. and i can say that i'm relieved. last night kari and i went to the mall. then begged maureen to come.. and guess what. she did... muahaha. then we got kind of bored and went to maureen's. that is always fun. we were listening to the boys practice. maureen, kari and i were looking through pictures listening to nsync and such. that was tons of fun. then jimbo came up and said hello! and fufilled his promises, which were to kiss my head and knee. then i came home, and basically went to sleep. today school was ok. flex is getting boring. it already was boring, but now it's worse. oh well, maureen and i make up for it. haha. after school today i was sick of being home. so vinny and i went to starbucks. called maureen and she came. alex and duane drove her. haha, alex knows maureen's secret. THANKS TO VINNY. haha. we totally destroyed the coloring books. that was tons of fun! poor little kids have to see the negro dildos. "Why are you so black?" "Because I'm a Negro".. those coloring books are the best. after starbucks we went to maureen's. i think we were only going to stay there for a few minutes, but it definatly turned into like, two hours. haha, once again we looked through the pictures. vinny and i made her window look better. "8:24 5-25-05 Vinny made a funny noise" haha. that was amazing! after that i came home, and here i am...

i'm getting pretty happy again. i just want to say THANK YOU to everyone who has talked to me and helped me. it means so much to me.. you guys are the best.  &hearts;


fuckfuckfuck. [

May 24 - 4:17 pm]
[ mood | frustrated ]

so, everything has been sucking hardcore. i feel as if i'm playing a game of telephone with strangers. everything i say gets so distorted to where it's complete opposite. this whole thing is so gay. fuck it. i'm done with everything. i'm giving up. there's no point in trying. why do people go around spreading shit that isn't even true. it's so stupid. it's pretty pathetic that people have nothing else to do, but tell lies. i'm sitting here wondering how everything happend, and i don't understand. what have i done? why do i deserve this? life is a game, and most people lose. my parents are pretty pathetic too. my mom just searches for shit to yell at me about. last night she came into my room, while i was minding my own business and said "megan, we're broke because of you." and walked out. i've been at home for two weeks. and that has made us go broke? we're broke because my lame excuse of dad is out wasting his, no our money on drugs. i'm so fed up with this...


don't you think i'm amazing? [

May 23 - 9:43 pm]
[ mood | crushed ]

so. today was great until about, three hours ago. had a good day at school, if thats even possible anymore. i went to go see my granny. i felt like i was at a church confessing my sins.. i told her almost everything. she told me how her and her husband fell in love. it was cute. i think they should make a movie out of it.. it would be like the notebook 2 or something. my parents and i went to go look at a house. it's perfect. but for some reason my mom found something wrong with it.. when i got home, i found out some news that made my day.. and i guess that isn't true. but i don't know for sure. and now i'm listening to my mom tell me its my fault that she's broke. how does that happen? i don't know. i hate being here. sad thing is, i don't have anywhere to go when things get rough. i have people i talk to i guess, but no where to just escape the yelling, screaming and words. she makes me feel like i'm in a bubble, with tons of people around me laughing at all my faults. she makes me feel like shit. bye.


mmm, ungrounded [

May 22 - 12:57 pm]
[ mood | gloomy ]

hm, so i had a pretty ok weekend. thursday i got ungrounded. i went to the chorus concert at dc with maureen and pia. that was pretty bitchin. everyone did pretty swell. and the girl sitting next to me was driving me crazy. "rosieieieieie yeahya rosieieieieie!" i wanted to shoot her. friday was pretty fun. kari and i went to her house after school, and watched the boys do their panel stuff. you could tell kam and tommy were getting frustrated with some people. ha. then we went to my house (bad idea). it was pretty boring. my parents left and jimbo, whitey and duane came to pick us up. that was pretty fun. we went to go pick alex up from work. and got lost. we were in cuba. haha. we finally found the place and had to back to alex's so he could change. duane made jimbo play "maybe i'll catch fire" it was pretty swell. thenn, we went to sam's house. we didn't stay very long though. i had to be home at 11:30. we came home, and went to sleep. saturday was pretty fun. kari and i went to maureen's, pia showed up a little later. we went on a hunt for houses that were for sale. there is one that is right down the street from maureen. that is awesome. we ran into whitey driving. so we all jumped into the car and went back to his house so he could drop off his car and walk with us. we went to a park and listened to whitey talk with his accent for about 15 minutes. it gave us a good chuckle. then duane came home and whitey left with him. so it was back to just kari, pia, maureen and i. we all kind of left at the same time. my mom and i got into a big fight also, but i don't want to talk about that. this weekend, made me relize that i should just- give up. i know nothing will happen when i want something. so i'm not even going to try. so, it's decided, I'M GIVING UP. i hate this game. it's not worth it. ♥


the songs you grow to like, never stick at first. [

May 16 - 8:41 pm]
[ mood | mischievous ]

hello all. man, i hate being grounded. but i'm almost done. i'm freaking excited for that . school was AWESOME today. we got to watch the video yearbook during lunch. it was pretty cool. my grandma broke her wrist today, and had to go to surgery. thats scary because she's so old. she's 94. she'll be find though. i hate how when i'm happy, people try to make me unhappy. everytime i get really happy like i've been, they try to ruin it for me. it's not happening this time. i don't think there is any way anyone can make me unhappy right now. i'm really starting to like this one guy. at least vinny's happy for me. kyle went to battle of the bands wearing girl pants. he looked funny. GT got mad. and that made me laugh. kyle, stick to your regular pants. well. i'm tired, and i don't have much else to say. well i hope people will stop trying to make me unhappy, because IT'S NOT HAPPENING.

love love love

lets end this call, and end this conversation [

May 14 - 2:06 pm]
[ mood | dorky ]

so, i haven't updated in a while. things have been going pretty good i guess. except that i've been grounded. it hasn't been that strict of a grounding i guess. tonight is the battle of the bands. i'm so excited, see, i'm grounded and i get to go to that :). i really don't have much to say right now, maybe i'll have some nice stories from tonight. have a nice one!


When I Fall Down, I Fall Apart. [

Apr 27 - 11:04 am]
[ mood | dorky ]

Well, I haven't really updated lately. Everything has been pretty okay. I've had a lot of things on my mind lately... WOO, I have pictures.. here we goo...


picturesssss!**Collapse )



Apr 14 - 5:19 pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

well, i'm pissed off. yeah. bye ♥



Apr 10 - 1:31 pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

well, yesterday i got a nice visit from chris, gilby, angel, adam and eman... here are some pics... not very good though-- (eman took them :)) lol...


sometimes, the last thing you want comes in first...Collapse )


_everything's my fault* [

Mar 15 - 6:42 pm]
[ mood | i'm itchy :-/ ]

well--- this weekend, there was a show at dc... ROCK 4 RACEWAY BITCHES... that was big fun. i got to see kool aid kids, a lost cause, consolation prize, a script october... there was another bad. but we left (it was a jam band :-/) ...

then i went to indiana with kari. that was fun... tommy brought micky. oh god. for the first hour micky just sat there talking. NON STOP... oh man, thank god he went to sleep :) then when we were there we didn't do much... saturday went shopping... broke up with cody :) thats bad. but i don't like who he is now... oh well... we left sunday to come home... micky was up the WHOLE TIME. yes- talking... it was so annoying... then we played country and he shut up lol.. thank god for that.

today was fun. pia thought i was high... vinny and i had a lot of fun... the rest of the day was pretty boring. then i went to kari's... me and kevin are married :) i heart that kid... we went to mcdonalds... then i went home. and now i'm updating :)



Mar 11 - 12:02 pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

hello friends. I'm at school right now- in history :) i'm finished with my coat of arms... so i decided to update :)

well, the day has been okay i guess. cody pissed me off today. he walked right passed me after first hour, and didn't say a word. that kinda pissed me off, but i didn't even think of it.. but then before flex... he did it again!!! and that really pissed me off. so i found him and walked passed him... he came running after me. lol, :)

oh well... he's coming over after school :) then we're going to the ROCK 4 RACEWAY!!! woo, yay i'm excited!!! well, i'm gunna go now... have a nice day.

♥ megan



Mar 10 - 5:07 pm]
[ mood | horny ]




Mar 9 - 7:23 pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

robert-o and I just had the funnest conversation... here. take a look see

Chickankiller: i've got no porn lol
cry e m o cry 24: i'm sorry
cry e m o cry 24: i have journey :-)
Chickankiller: i've got no porn lol
Chickankiller: ya
Chickankiller: me too
Chickankiller: i have mastodon
cry e m o cry 24: woo!!!
cry e m o cry 24: i have cradle of filth
Chickankiller: i have kataklysm
cry e m o cry 24: i have ray charles mother fucker
Chickankiller: i have elton john
cry e m o cry 24: i have stix
Chickankiller: BIATCH
cry e m o cry 24: dawg!
Chickankiller: i have motley crue
Chickankiller: WOMAN
cry e m o cry 24: i have eric clapton
cry e m o cry 24: WOMAN!!!
cry e m o cry 24: lol
Chickankiller: i have greatful dead
Chickankiller: MAN
cry e m o cry 24: i have nirvana
cry e m o cry 24: FAG
Chickankiller: i have lamb of god
Chickankiller: WHORE
cry e m o cry 24: i have system of a down
cry e m o cry 24: SKANK
Chickankiller: I HAVE MOZART   
Chickankiller: SluT
cry e m o cry 24: i have frank sinatra!
cry e m o cry 24: pillow biter!!!
Chickankiller: CARPET MUNCHER
cry e m o cry 24: FUDGE PACKER!!!
Chickankiller: I HAVE SLIPKNOT
Chickankiller: CUM SUCKER
cry e m o cry 24: I HAVE KORN
cry e m o cry 24: PUSSY LICKER
Chickankiller: I HAVE DOPE
Chickankiller: JIZZ BOTTLE
cry e m o cry 24: hey, so do i :-)
cry e m o cry 24: lol
Chickankiller: THIS IS SOOO GAY^
cry e m o cry 24: haha
Chickankiller: I MEANT THE BAND



Mar 9 - 5:31 pm]
[ mood | :) ]

Hey dolls whats poppin? nothing here. waiting for the news from kari :( i hope the judge says no... but if the judge says yes- i don't know what i'm going to do... i don't even want to think about it...

and on a better note :) five times mother fuckers, yay! hopefully this time it'll last...

well, i'm going to go now- maybe i'll post some pics later :)


...everyday i love him just a little bit more... [

Mar 8 - 7:04 pm]
[ mood | content ]

Hello friends... how was everyone's day? mine, was SPECTACULAR... school was okay, i guess... after school I went to Kari's- but that is nothing new... i talked to cody :) tehehe, i told him that i knew someone who thougt garrett was hot tehehe... oh yeah- SORRY DAMION, lol, i didn't mean to inturrupt your... um- fun? lol that was pretty funny though... i can't wait until friday... maybe even a little bit about thursday too ;) i have to find a way to get 10 bucks though... damn, i have to find 15... oh well, and then i'm going to need 50 for this weekend. wowzas!!!


i'm going to go now, talk to ya'll later :)



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